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Diversify The Cash Stash: How Earned Income Supports your Mission
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Ericka Harney

Curious about social entrepreneurship? Social enterprises are businesses ventures whose primary purpose is the common good or supporting your organizations mission. Social entrepreneurship or earned income shows your donors and grantmakers you have the capability to diversify your fundraising and have greater sustainability. 

You can provide leadership and assistance for this new type of venture. Solid business plans for social entrepreneurship ventures require much thought and precise articulation. Your role in earned income is essential for your organization to do well. 

Learn how earned income streams create a stable income and how to get started. We'll explore the different earned income streams, pros and cons, & more. This session will help you understand different types and how to get started in earned income avenues. There will be examples of nonprofits using earned income streams to get unrestricted funds they need to continue their programs.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will know: 

  • The different kinds of earned income streams for their nonprofit.
  • Good and bad reasons to get into earned income.
  • Which income streams have the least risk and the greatest reward for your particular organization.
  • How to start planning for earned income. 
  • Talking points and being the earned income cheerleader for your organization 

This session is appropriate for the seasoned nonprofit professional and all size nonprofit organizations. Tracks: Fundraising; Operations.

Location Name
Room 170A
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Bayfront Convention Center
1 Sassafras Pier
Erie, PA 16507
United States
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In-person session only