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Understanding Financial Statements without Going Bald
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Ericka Harney

Don't be confused or frustrated by financial statements and terminology anymore. Nonprofit professionals must understand what they are reading, the nuances of finances, and interpreting meaning to make smart decisions. Plus, there is plenty of accounting humor to be included. Who said finances had to be boring!

From this session, attendees will: 

  • Understand common finance terms
  • The differences between cash and accrual accounting
  • Need to know basics of General Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Identify AND understand basic financial statements: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Form 990 and more
  • Know how to calculate ratios and actually understand what they mean for business decisions¬†

This session is appropriate for nonprofit professionals of all skill levels with organizations of all sizes. Track: Operations

Location Name
Room 170B
Full Address
Bayfront Convention Center
1 Sassafras Pier
Erie, PA 16507
United States
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In-person and virtual session option
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