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john Denny
Denny Civic Solutions
John has spent a career transforming ideas into action. From his days as one of the youngest people in the United States to manage a statewide presidential campaign, to his work building an organization that aids at risk-youth and nonprofits, John and his team create results.
At Denny Civic Solutions, John works to create positive change by managing civic campaigns and engineering public policy. With decades of hands-on expertise, he knows how to foster an idea from inception to execution. And with his experience as a former national political campaign manager; special assistant to the late community and political leader Elsie Hillman; and director of community relations for the Hillman Company, he thoroughly understands how to create a message, target its focus, and move audiences on an initiative, idea, or piece of legislation.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, John has honed his skills through a unique combination of professional endeavors, ranging from corporate communications to grant making in the Pittsburgh foundation and nonprofit communities. With a trifecta of expertise from corporate, political, and nonprofit work, John understands the needs, strengths and challenges each party brings to the table and can balance those needs toward positive outcomes. In addition, he understands local and statewide government because he has lived it. From that experience, John brings the understanding of the public sector to the forefront in assisting clients and helping them achieve their objectives.
john Denny