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Cassie Rusnak
Director of Creative Content and Communications
Denny Civic Solutions
Cassie joined Denny Civic Solutions after a decade of work on bipartisan advocacy campaigns in the nonprofit sector. Cassie's previous advocacy experience included working along with national and international journalists to release groundbreaking investigative reports. As part of a small nonprofit team, Cassie took on many organizational roles and gained hands-on experience in digital grassroots advocacy, social media management, content marketing, digital content creation, and overseeing the comprehensive communications and outreach plans for nonprofit campaigns.

At Denny Civic Solutions, Cassie develops communication plans through visual storytelling and strategic messaging, combining traditional outreach methods with the
latest digital trends and technology. As part of the communications team, she has created strategic outreach plans and developed creative visual content that have grown the numbers of grassroots supporters and online engagement for social media and advocacy campaigns.
Cassie Rusnak